If you’re in Madrid, you’re from Madrid.

30 junio 2011 – 3 julio 2011


Flights from all over the U.S. converge upon Madrid’s Barajas Airport.

Aspire Countdown

No one really knows what time it is anymore. It doesn’t matter. We all made it to Madrid and now it’s time to explore, discover and begin adjusting to the Spanish way of life.

Here are some thoughts about Madrid from Lonely Planet.

“It’s true that Spain’s capital doesn’t have the immediate cachet of RomeParis or even that other city up the road, Barcelona. Its architecture is beautiful, but there’s no Colosseum, no Eiffel Tower, no Gaudí-inspired zaniness to photograph and then tell your friends back home, ‘this is Madrid’. But this city is an idea, a way of living for the moment that can be hard to resist.

Madrid’s calling cards are many: astonishing art galleries, its transformation into Spain’s premier style city, an exceptional live music scene, a feast of fine restaurants and tapas joints, and a population that’s mastered the art of living the good life. It’s not that other cities don’t have some of these things. It’s just that Madrid has all of them in bucketloads.

It’s often said that this is the most Spanish of Spain’s cities and it is indeed Europe’s most passionate city writ large. Very few Madrileños come from here originally, possibly making this Europe’s most open and welcoming capital. If this can be summed up in a single phrase, it’s the oft-heard, ‘If you’re in Madrid, you’re from Madrid’”

For three days, we were from Madrid.

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